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1. Develops applications or enhances systems complete with testing and documentation before implementation.
2. Conducts trial runs of programs and software applications to ensure information and instructions are correct in accordance
with company and customer requirements.
3. Provides support and training to users in relations to implemented software/applications.
4. Assists in the implementation of new applications and regional programs in accordance with agreed lead time, specifications
(proper set-up and configuration) and proper coordination with users.
5. Performs direct revision, repair or expansion of existing programs and suggest system or procedural
improvements/enhancements to increase operational efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
6. Properly files, updates, safekeeps and preserves confidentiality of all pertinent documents/records/data (i.e. documentation
of program development and subsequent revisions, instructions, etc.) of the company.
7. Provides complete and timely documents/reports (i.e. business narrative, etc.) required by management and customers.
8. Prepares weekly accomplishment report and all other technical reports.
9. Exerts best effort that the Quality Objectives are met; implements and/or carryout quality improvement activities and
functions as Application Developer (APP) as may be formally and officially defined by the immediate superior or by the
executive management.
1. Responsible for the creation and implementation of an information system.
2. Supervises the maintenance of the servers and security of information.
3. Ability to create and implement an information management systems plan the meets the needs of the clients.
1. Graduate of academic course/s in the area of STEM.
2. Has acquired an NC in Programming is a plus.
3. With at least 2 years of software development experience, APIs development, web service such as AWS and Google Cloud Platform, and POSTGRE SQL and SQL.
4. Must be knowledgeable in Business Process Design, Analysis, Modeling and Mapping.
5. Solid experience working with remote data via REST and JSON, third-party libraries and APIs, JAVA, JAVA EE and DOT NET, Angular JS and NODE JS; and MVC.
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