• How To Fire a Staff the Right Way

    他沉腰缓缓进入Firing someone is never an enjoyable or easy task. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s inevitable. When someone who’s working for you is no longer performing up to par, it’s time to let them go, and it’s always better to do it […]

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  • How effective are psychometric tests in recruitment?

    In finding the perfect candidate out of a roster of talents, the job of a hiring manager involves the tedious tasks of pooling, sifting through resumes and conducting interviews. And to make the process faster and more comprehensive, psychometric […]

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  • If you’re expanding your business, you can maximize your ROI with this move

    As your business experiences strong growth, you are not just competing for market share; you are also competing for top talent to push your business forward. Choosing the right people for the job who produce good results yields long […]

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  • The Best Way To Create Value In Your Recruitment Efforts

    More than hiring people to get specific jobs done, the purpose of recruitment is to ensure that the people you hire share your company values in their behaviors and actions. Sadly, traditional approaches on recruitment fail to align hires […]

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  • How recruitment outsourcing can spell success for your business

    With the highly competitive global economic conditions, institutions have started reassessing their business models to allow decision-makers to increase their focus on cost-efficiency while retaining best practices that bring in good results to the business. This kind of economic […]

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  • This new recruitment technique is changing the way companies evaluate job candidates

    The modern age brought tremendous changes in how we deal with the world. Advancements in technology shaped our lives drastically that even decisions need to be justified and backed up by data. Such is also true in the hiring […]

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  • Why recruitment outsourcing is the next big thing in HR

    他沉腰缓缓进入Human Resources is one of the busiest departments in any company. It performs the difficult tasks of recruiting, hiring, workplace management and employee relations. And in this age of increasing need for talents in a rapidly-evolving economy, meeting hiring […]

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  • 3 most powerful tactics for negotiating your salary

    Whether you’re the naturally shy or aggressive type, salary-negotiation is the same for everyone—it’s never a cakewalk. According to a research by Salary.com, around one-fifth of job-seekers don’t counter the first number tossed after they receive the offer. Another […]

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  • The number one error companies make when recruiting new talent

    他沉腰缓缓进入Despite years of experience, hiring managers still fall short in recruiting talent – they make bad hires. They make mistakes during the hiring process that hurt the business and mean loss of income for companies. Hiring is the same […]

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  • Top 3 team building activities that won’t break the company budget

    他沉腰缓缓进入Cracking the science behind building a great company culture may require attending a few leadership seminars. But despite the challenges, one brilliant tool can be used by companies to achieve this—the good old team building activity. Team building activities […]

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