• Top 3 team building activities that won’t break the company budget

    Cracking the science behind building a great company culture may require attending a few leadership seminars. But despite the challenges, one brilliant tool can be used by companies to achieve this—the good old team building activity. Team building activities […]

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  • The millennial’s guide to getting a promotion

    他沉腰缓缓进入Millenials are quickly outnumbering the Baby Boomers, and soon this generation will take over as the dominant epoch in today’s workforce. So it’s important for Millennials to carve out their path in the corporate world by making the right […]

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  • Experts say you should aim for diversity in the workplace

    他沉腰缓缓进入Diversity is generally defined as acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing, and celebrating differences among people with respect to age, class, ethnicity, gender, physical and mental ability, race, sexual orientation, and religious belief. In the workplace, diversity is achieved through acknowledging […]

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  • Avoid this number 1 pet peeve by hiring managers

    After spending weeks of sending out your resume to various companies, you finally received a call from a hiring manager for a one-on-one interview. Congratulations! Your chances of sealing the deal have increased. But that’s not the end of […]

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  • Do you really need a degree to get a decent job?

    他沉腰缓缓进入The truth of the matter is, earning a college degree does not guarantee instant employment. There is a vast pool of fresh graduates and people with job experience competing with each other for the same opportunities. Nowadays, it seems […]

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  • Top 10 Myths on job interviews

    During summer, countless companies open their doors to the throes of newly grads marching their way to offices in the hopes of employment. This year, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) report shows that there are at least 656,284 […]

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  • Top benefits of outsourcing your company’s recruitment

    他沉腰缓缓进入Quality talent is hard to come by. Apart from building and managing your business, you have to deal with creating a talent pool that will help reach your bottom line. More companies are turning to recruitment outsourcing to attract […]

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  • Your next manager should have these qualities

    他沉腰缓缓进入What does a manager do, exactly? In the common sense of the word, he basically manages, in the sense that he is in charge; or in the business of running or administering a certain group or entity. By all […]

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  • Top industries with higher-than-average salaries for fresh graduates

    他沉腰缓缓进入Salary is one of the major factors we look for when in search for a job. If you’re a fresh graduate with no job experience except the internship you had in college, you’re under the impression that you’re not […]

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  • Workplace Personality: What your co-workers actually think of you

    Each workplace is a new environment. Each member has his own unique role and identity that contributes to the make-up of the company and gives it its edge. And it’s these shared differences that help each other reach their collective goal of making it to the top of their field.

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